Perks of Seasonal Camping in 2023

Dream of Fishing Every Weekend or having that second home close to the beach?  Ever think of parking your RV somewhere and having that flexibility of weekends away and vacations close to the beach?  Being an annual guest at a campground gives you that flexibility you have been dreaming of, all while not breaking the bank of owning a beach house.    

Some potential pros of being a seasonal guest at an RV park may include:

Cost savings: Seasonal rates at RV parks are often discounted compared to daily or weekly rates. By committing to a longer stay, you may be able to save on overall camping costs, making it more affordable for an extended period of time.

The preferred site and location: As a seasonal guest, you may have the opportunity to select and reserve a specific RV site for the entire season, allowing you to have a preferred location within the park that suits your preferences, such as a shaded spot or one close to amenities.

Extended stay: Being a seasonal guest allows you to have an extended stay at the RV park, giving you more time to fully explore and enjoy the local area without the need to constantly pack up and move. It can provide a sense of stability and continuity in your camping experience.

Community and friendships: Staying at an RV park for a longer period of time can provide opportunities to build relationships with other seasonal or long-term guests, creating a sense of community and camaraderie. You may develop friendships, share experiences, and participate in social activities or events organized by the park, enhancing your overall camping experience.

Access to amenities: Many RV parks offer amenities such as clubhouses, playgrounds, laundry facilities, basketball courts, arcade games, and other recreational activities. As a seasonal guest, you may have access to these amenities for an extended period, allowing you to fully enjoy the facilities and make the most of your stay.

Convenience and ease: Setting up your RV at a site for a longer period of time can save you the hassle of frequently packing and unpacking, making it more convenient and less stressful. You can also personalize your RV site to make it feel more like home with decorations or other personal touches.

Flexibility: Being a seasonal guest at an RV park can provide flexibility in terms of when and where you stay. You may have the option to select different seasons or locations, depending on your preferences and travel plans.


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